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Non-productive time and how to minimise it.

The most expensive time in our industry is non-productive time. When skilled, competent professionals find themselves hanging around doing nothing, it’s not just frustrating, it’s a major blow to productivity and profit.

The answer, of course, is to increase time on tools and decrease time spent travelling, planning or waiting for materials and equipment. And there’s plenty of room for improvement - in one recent study, only 37% of logged hours were spent on productive work.

Unfortunately cutting non-productive time is easier said than done. But there is an answer.

Why we all need to sing from the same hymn sheet

In oil and gas even simple, routine tasks typically involve a range of people from different organisations, as well as materials sourced from different places. While on-site staff might include the facility’s permanent personnel plus contractors, approval could be required from multiple stakeholders located across the planet. Then there’s the logistics angle, which can be influenced by everything from government paperwork to the weather.

But if everyone involved can refer to the same set of real-time data instead of conflicting sources of information, you’re halfway there. When the owner in Australia can sign off on the contractor in Mexico while the procurement guys in Aberdeen are shipping the kit, work should start - and finish - on time.

To achieve this level of joined-up working all you need is the right software, with a single collaborative platform shared by the office and the team at the sharp end, on or off shore. That’s precisely what mpower from Monitor can give you - in the form of a dedicated, best-of-breed Time on Tools application.

How mpower can boost Time on Tools

By bringing together estimating, planning and approval of field implementation for owner and  contractor, mpower allows consistent and accurate information to be shared in real time.

It lets you define each productive and non-productive element of the work, so you can see where time and money is being wasted and take immediate steps to rectify the situation. You can do this on a daily basis, integrating the solution with back-office systems instantly.

mpower uses integrated dashboards to give you cost and performance information in a single comprehensive view. It can seamlessly and automatically update everything at once, ending glitches in the digital trail and saving you and your team hours of frustration and hassle.

Easy to implement

Implementing any new system requires some time and effort, but mpower is easy to install and intuitive to use. And mpower’s Time on Tools applications can start saving time and money on day one - even on a project that’s already underway.

What’s more, mpower lets you leverage value from your existing investment, because it integrates seamlessly with popular software suites including SAP, Oracle E-business, IBM Maximo, Primavera and Microsoft Project.


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