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Making sense of how it happened. Post-STO management and learning for the future

Shutdown and Turnaround optimisation

When you’re managing shutdown, turnaround or outage projects in the energy industry, it can seem like the job’s just started when the STO is practically over. The post-STO stage - demobilising, cleanup, reporting and making sense of the data - is a major part of the process.

It’s vital that post-STO work is handled quickly, efficiently and with pinpoint accuracy. Stakeholders will depend on it, and lessons learned can be carried over to the next event, making future projects quicker, more efficient and more cost-effective.

Information is power

The key to successful post-STO work is effective data collection throughout the project - and that’s where project management software - like mpower from Monitor - comes in.

mpower compiles all the relevant information you need for post-STO management as you go along. From the initial planning stages through each stage of work and on to putting the site back into operation, mpower presents all the data in one place, in real time.

When the STO is complete, mpower helps you update a historical database and issue a final cost report. It makes post-STO Management of Change relatively simple. And mpower allows you to take learnings from one outage onto the next with clear, comprehensible outcomes.

Built for STO projects

Specifically developed and tailored to provide STO solutions - including post-STO - mpower saves you from compiling reports, as you can clearly see what actions have taken place and what remains to be done. Information can easily be shared with the entire team, as well as other stakeholders, anywhere in the world.

mpower supports efficient consolidation and management of the entire scope of work, including cost estimates and budgets. It links financial, scheduling and work package data on one dashboard, tracking actual incurred and accrued costs. When it comes to post-STO management, all that transparency and efficiency pays real dividends.

Easy to implement

As with any new system, implementing mpower requires an investment in time. But as many of its features are designed specifically for the STO environment, it can be easily and quickly deployed on your project, even if work has already begun. And mpower lets you leverage value from your existing investment, because it integrates seamlessly with popular software suites including SAP, Oracle, IBM Maximo, Primavera and Microsoft Project.

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