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Integrate LEMs data into and ERP system using mpower

Typically, Labor, Equipment and Materials data uploaded into an ERP system is summarized to such an extent that it is of little value for ongoing operations and project control purposes. Many hours can be spent analyzing the data in the ERP and Excel in order to determine actual man-hours and costs against Work Orders and Network Activities for each craft. mpower offers the ability to significantly reduce the time taken to collect this information and provides data at a level of detail that is much more meaningful to operations and project managers. 

Using mpower you can:

  • collect, validate and approve all LEMs at a controlled level
  • fully integrate with SAP
  • enforce all of the SAP business rules: delegation of authority (DOA) approval limits and PO expiry dates
  • be fully integrated with the SAP Purchase Order and Outline Agreement sub-systems
  • deliver full job costing data to the LEM approvers
  • be embraced by sub-contractors by making the administration of LEMs easier and the overall management process more automated and efficient

Find out more below by downloading our case study and data sheet for LEMs.

 mpower helped leading oil & gas operator standardize their LEMs management.

 Download our datasheet on mpower's LEMs capability.


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