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Job Cards / Work Packs in mpower

Print Job Cards

Print Job Cards directly from the database.

Create Estimates

Create and apply estimates to Job Cards using the Norms database

Job Card Planning

Transfer Job Cards directly to Primavera

Job Cards and Construction Work Packs are commonly used to detail to the workforce the jobs that have to be completed during the construction phase of a project or for maintenance of an existing facility. The information contained within the job card or work pack can contain man-hour estimates, materials lists, drawings, QA/QC data and testing requirements.

mpower contains all of the information to allow the production of the job card or work pack to be held in a database and for the relevant inter-discipline information such as interfaces within work-packages to be shared and the planning process to be integrated.

The mpower project cost management solution allows you to:

  • Create job cards or work packs and man-hours estimates. Estimates can be created manually or by using Norms and Norm Factors.  Estimated cost and price information can optionally be displayed.
  • Create a Bill of Materials listing the materials required for a particular work scope.  Link Bill of Materials line items to job cards or work packs.
  • Define deliverables, such as drawings.  Link deliverables to job cards or work packs.
  • Define welding requirements on drawings linked to a job card or work pack.
  • Create activities in the schedule from job cards or work packs.  Track actual hours and costs.
  • Record completion status for welds.
  • Create a Non Destructive Testing Request or Heat Treatment Request for the job card or work pack.
  • Progress the job card or work pack using either installed quantities, rules of credit or percentage completion measures.

All of the above can be reported in mpower to assist management in making the right informed descisions - saving time, cost and resources.

The job card or work pack module is fully integrated with other mpower modules. An initial budget for cost control purposes can be generated from job card or work pack man-hour estimates and associated cost rates. Activities created from a job card or work pack can be made avialable for time booking in the timesheet module. The same activities can be used for scheduling and to record progress.

This integration makes it easy to compare actual hours and costs with the estimates and to view progress for the job card or work pack.

A comprehensive suite of tabular, graphical and dashboard reports is available to view this information at any level of detail.

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Job Cards / Work Packs

  • Print Job Card

    Print Job Card

  • Create Estimates

    Create Estimates

  • Job Card Activity Transfer

    Job Card Activity Transfer

  • Job Card Input

    Job Card Input

  • Bill of Materials

    Bill of Materials

  • Job Card Bill of Materials

    Job Card Bill of Materials

  • NDT Request

    NDT Request

  • Fabrication Steps

    Fabrication Steps

  • Job Card Norms

    Job Card Norms

  • Norms Book

    Norms Book

  • Norms Chapter

    Norms Chapter

  • Norms Matrix

    Norms Matrix

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