mpower budget management dashboards
analyse the whole project budget for better forecasting

Budget management dashboards, quickly see the significance of budgeting and forecasting data at a glance.

mpower's budget dashboards provide financial analytics that help understand and analyse project budgets and performance.

mpower allows you to see the significance of budgeting and forecasting data at a glance, resulting better informed and timelier business decisions. mpower budget dashboards show complex financial data in a display format that is easy to absorb and understand. An individual can quickly get an overall view of how a project spends its budgeted resources and what financial priorities exist.

mpower's project management budget dashboard is a visualisation tool that makes the way an company allocates its financial resources more accessible, transparent, and easy to understand. It provides budget intelligence reports that summarise the projects financial performance. This all allows easy visualisation of future financial conditions and objectives.

With mpower you get to see the whole picture.

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Cost Performance Dashboards

  • Overall Project

    Overall Project

  • Cost Performance

    Cost Performance

  • Schedule Performance

    Schedule Performance

  • Safety


  • Time Admin

    Time Admin

  • Overall Project Dashboard

    Overall Project Dashboard

  • KPI Dashboard

    KPI Dashboard

  • PM Dashboard

    PM Dashboard

  • Progress Dashboard

    Progress Dashboard

  • Manhour Cost Dashboard

    Manhour Cost Dashboard

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