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Woodside Turnaround Team Case Study

Project: Maintenance Resource Planning

Solution: Scheduling and planning with mpower

In the energy business, standard maintenance tasks are anything but standard. Predicting how long a routine procedure will take can be tricky, and varying estimates have a significant impact on schedules and cost. For a major energy company like Woodside - with thousands of maintenance tasks to organise across a global portfolio of assets and operations - planning takes a huge toll on resources.

Now mpower is making life a lot easier for Woodside. Already in use for some time within the company’s Turnaround Team, the system has been scaled up over an 18-month development exercise and now provides support across the business as a whole. To learn how mpower has transformed their resource estimating, read Woodside’s own article here (page14).

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Labor, Equipment and Materials (LEMs)

Project: Labor, Equipment and Materials Time Capture

Solution: Automated Labor, Equipment and Materials Data Interface to SAP

A leading oil & gas owner/operator recently implemented Monitor’s mpower project controls software to manage their entire site Labor-Equipment-Materials (LEM) data collection, validation, approval and processing at their Fort McMurray, Alberta facility. This was a very important and strategic project for Monitor as the LEM solution is not only a localized solution but one being positioned as a corporate standard for LEMs management – therefore opening global doors.

The specific customer uses SAP as its back-end business management system. Traditionally all of their sub-contractor costs for LEMs were uploaded into SAP via Service Entries. This old process was very manual, prone to errors, inefficient, and failed to deliver the level of information and controls required to manage ongoing operations and projects. Recognizing these deficiencies, the owner/operator’s challenge was to implement:

  • A 'front-end' solution which could collect, validate and approve all LEMs at a controlled level
  • A solution that could be fully integrated with SAP and enforce all of the SAP business rules, e.g. DOA (delegation of authority) approval limits and PO expiry dates
  • A solution that could be fully integrated with the SAP Purchase Order and Outline Agreement sub-systems, thereby delivering full job costing data to the LEM Approvers
  • A solution that could be embraced by sub-contractors by making the administration of LEMs easier and the overall management process more automated and efficient

    Monitor’s mpower software was the system of choice.



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Sigma 3 Case Study

Project: Offshore Direct Manhour Time Capture

Solution: mpower time writing

Sigma3 was a joint venture set up by three engineering companies to provide engineering and maintenance services for Shell Expro’s Northern North Sea Assets, The three partners in Sigma3 were AMEC, PSN and Wood Group. The implementation of mpower resulted in changes which allowed Sigma3 to have timesheets completed offshore at the end of shifts. This enabled Shell budget holders and others to have access to the data within 24 hours of booking. Statistics prepared by Shell showed that Sigma3's timesheet completion more than met Shell's expectations in terms of both punctuality and accuracy (not requiring corrections) - this is attributable to the Timesheet data entry screens' ease of use and the efficiency of the interfaces developed by Monitor in conjunction with Sigma3, Shell and their agents.

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Woodside Case Study

Project: Pluto LNG Hook-Up and Commissioning

Solution: mpower Construction Job Cards and Time Capture

Woodside is Australia’s largest publicly traded oil and gas exploration and production company and one of the world’s leading producers of liquefied natural gas. Woodside operates Australia’s largest resources project, the North West Shelf Venture in Western Australia which produces about 40 percent of Australia’s oil and gas. In 2010, Woodside completed construction of its Pluto LNG Project – Australia’s second biggest resource project. The implementation of mpower resulted in a system which allowed Woodside to create engineering jobcards, schedule and progress them in a planning system and pass the planned jobs back to mpower to write time against. This enabled Woodside to have access to the accurate and relevant information about the status of the hook-up project instantly.

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