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Advanced Work Packaging with mpower

Advanced software for advanced work In oil and gas, we talk a lot about Time on Tools - the genuinely productive time our people spend actually doing their jobs. According to one recent study, average ToT in our industry is as low as 37%, with much of the rest of the time spent waiting around for...
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Powerful procurement

Embarking on a major new power station project in a remote area of Western Australia, our client needed to upgrade their management software. The existing system simply wasn’t flexible enough to handle the multiple sub-contractor purchase orders expected during the mammoth build. A highly r...
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Everyone on the same page – a CTR study

Our client - a major oil and gas company with a global presence - faced a significant challenge as they managed more and more work in-house. The problem was a lack of consistency in approach to managing engineering Cost, Time and Resources or CTRs. Across the company - in exploration, development...
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Non-productive time and how to minimise it.

The most expensive time in our industry is non-productive time. When skilled, competent professionals find themselves hanging around doing nothing, it’s not just frustrating, it’s a major blow to productivity and profit. The answer, of course, is to increase time on tools and dec...
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Time on the tools – how the right software means more time on the hardware.

Everyone knows time is money, but when it comes to productivity in the oil and gas industry, not all time is equal. In most projects - maintenance, construction, repair or even decommissioning - productive time spent actually completing the task in hand is only part of the overall time logged by t...
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