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Non-productive time and how to minimise it.

The most expensive time in our industry is non-productive time. When skilled, competent professionals find themselves hanging around doing nothing, it’s not just frustrating, it’s a major blow to productivity and profit. The answer, of course, is to increase time on tools and dec...
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Time on the tools – how the right software means more time on the hardware.

Everyone knows time is money, but when it comes to productivity in the oil and gas industry, not all time is equal. In most projects - maintenance, construction, repair or even decommissioning - productive time spent actually completing the task in hand is only part of the overall time logged by t...
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Turning off the taps – efficient, cost-effective, accountable decommissioning

In mature oil and gas fields around the world, decommissioning is fast becoming one of the biggest issues for owners and managers. While decommissioning can present an array of challenges it’s also a field of great opportunity, particularly for specialist contractors. Long considered a &lsq...
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Making sense of how it happened. Post-STO management and learning for the future

When you’re managing shutdown, turnaround or outage projects in the energy industry, it can seem like the job’s just started when the STO is practically over. The post-STO stage - demobilising, cleanup, reporting and making sense of the data - is a major part of the process. It’...
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Earned value management – Measuring performance and progress, on the go.

  Earned value management - commonly abbreviated to EVM - is an important tool in the project manager’s repertoire. A set of techniques for objectively measuring progress on any major project, EVM was first developed in the 60s by the US Defense Department and quickly became standard pra...
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