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The following testimonials have been compiled from interviews conducted with a number of Monitor’s clients. To protect client confidence in a highly competitive industry, we have decided to withhold individual and company names in this context.

Our company has been involved with Monitor for at least ten years. We recently invested in mpower for cost management, time capture, billing and reporting. We decided not to take the planning module of mpower in this instance, and instead bought a third-party tool to interface with it. Monitor’s people were heavily involved in planning and implementing the systems, and worked with our own people to develop the interface between the two products.We’re currently working on a large number of projects, and using the same toolset on each means we can easily transfer people from one project to another. They all know how the system works, so there’s no learning curve when someone moves to another project - they can just get on with it. One of the key benefits of mpower’s integrated toolset is that as information flows in, it’s filtered through to the correct area. This way we don’t have cost disparity, or cost and billing systems that require interfaces to transfer data - or worse, a need for people to re-key the same data into two or three different systems. It’s all in one area, a shared database that everyone can use.

Project Controls Manager with an engineering contractor - Uses mpower alongside third-party systems

I’m senior Ops manager, with a team of seven project managers reporting to me. Each of them has a full team below them, so the numbers of personnel add up. With around 280 staff in all, training is a constant requirement. We’ve been buying training from Monitor for some time. They provide Project Management training for us, and currently they’re helping us to create a Corporate Academy for our engineering and other staff. We use ‘live’ classroom training rather than online. I’m naturally aware that Monitor are behind successful software products like mpower, but we don’t currently use their software - we’re still using Microsoft Project and don’t plan to change in the near future. This has never been a problem for Monitor and I see no complications in using Monitor for training alone. In fact we’re delighted with the service - that’s why we’ve got them involved in the Corporate Academy.

Senior Operations Manager with an engineering contractor - Buys training

We use mpower in a limited way - for time writing - integrating it with the corporate SAP-based system. With 300 people onshore and about 800 offshore, it’s obviously vital that we get time writing correct. We used to have a Monitor system called Time Controller, and in 2007 we swapped over to mpower after looking at the market and considering what was out there. Thankfully it’s been a very good tool. We had a smooth implementation from the old system to the new, and then in 2008 we had this huge initiative to do daily time writing offshore. It’s very important - you need transparency to manage your costs on a daily basis. Most contractors invoice on a monthly or weekly basis, but on our eight platforms we time write daily, at nine pm every night, in fact. Our offshore guys log in to mpower and punch in what they did, and we set it all electronically to feed into SAP. Before we had mpower and offshore time writing, we had to wait weeks for the information. Now we get real-time data, so we can make informed decisions the very next day.

Project Control Consultant with an owner-operator company - Uses mpower alongside SAP

I look after all cost planning and time writing for my company. We have been using Monitor software for about ten years and currently we use the whole of the mpower suite - for cost control, planning, time writing, billing and importing. mpower gives you a brilliant audit trail. We can instantly tell exactly how much we’ve paid somebody, during their whole time of working with us. The invoicing – on the commercial side – is fantastic because every time we get audited we can go back to a time sheet. We can just sit with the auditors and say ‘he booked that, there’. That’s a huge benefit for us. The fact that we have only three quarters of a day to get invoices out at a month end, for the whole of the company, and we do it with one group, sitting here, speaks volumes for the efficiency of the system. So there are huge benefits. There’s nothing else out there that works quite like mpower. SAP is good at the finance side, but not the project controls side. Maximo just does one thing. In my opinion mpower does the whole lot.

Project Services Manager with an international drilling engineering contractor - Uses full mpower suite

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With mpower, engineers can create and manage work packs, job cards and CTRs simply and quickly, from anywhere in the world.

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