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Advanced Work Packaging with mpower

Advanced software for advanced work

In oil and gas, we talk a lot about Time on Tools - the genuinely productive time our people spend actually doing their jobs. According to one recent study, average ToT in our industry is as low as 37%, with much of the rest of the time spent waiting around for equipment, materials, plans and site access.

By providing a single collaborative platform, mpower is a useful weapon in the war against wasted time. But it goes further than that, because our software suite gives you the ability to create genuinely Advanced Work Packages for each and every task. With labor amounting to about 40% of the overall cost of most projects, effective AWP can have a huge impact on the bottom line.

Advanced Work Packaging

The concept of AWP is simple. If workers can’t do their job because they don’t have what they need, project management should ensure that they get everything necessary in time. This means creating a package with the right tools, materials, documents and transport arrangements in advance.

A simple concept, but not always simple to achieve. At least, not when you’re relying on lots of other people to do their part and get everything together on time.

mpower empowers AWP

mpower gives you a shared platform so procurement, finance, engineering, HR, transport and any other relevant department can work together easily in real time, even if the people involved are on different sides of the planet. It makes it easy to share information with contractors and stakeholders outside your organization if you choose to do so. mpower also brings together estimating, planning and approval processes, with consistent and accurate information shared by all.

What this means is that a full work package can be provided to each manager or foreman and crew in advance of each task, or at the beginning of each week, or even each shift. For the project manager, mpower makes it a simple task to assemble the relevant details and approvals from everyone involved, while issuing orders for procurement and deployment of staff and equipment.

With numerous case studies showing advanced work packaging can easily improve Time on Tools by around 25%, mpower for AWP is likely to repay its investment in next to no time.

Easy to implement

Implementing any new system requires some time and effort, but mpower is easy to install and intuitive to use. It integrates seamlessly with popular software suites including SAP, Oracle E-business, IBM Maximo, Primavera and Microsoft Project.


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